Smart Kitchens: Improving Your Functionality At Home

Although it may not be the physical center of our home, the kitchen is a central place where loved ones gather together. It's a place to share stories and laughs and bond over a delicious meal. With today's technology, developing a smart kitchen, integrating your refrigerator and oven with automated controls is possible. Not only does this help to bring you more comfort and enjoyment, but it can help to improve your energy usage and give you more free time to tend to your guests and not your meal.

Improved Cooking

Having a smart kitchen starts with integrating a smart oven with a smart refrigerator. Integration tools, such as the Control4 system, can help bridge the gap between standard appliances and some truly remarkable features. Enjoy benefits such as automated alerts to let you know when your oven temperature is pre-heated to perfection. Have the lights blink in another room or receive an alert across the television. Further, a smart oven will be able to send you a signal when your roast reaches the perfect temperature, allowing you to improve your cooking and enjoy more time spent with your friends and family while entertaining.

Improved Comfort

Adding technology to your smart kitchen can also help you improve your overall comfort. You work tirelessly throughout the day, so let the Control4 system help give you some automated control over your home. Having a smart kitchen can help make your life easier and more comfortable. Enjoy blinds that can lower at the touch of the button or be programmed to drop as the sun rises and sets. Or, have a playlist connected to your kitchen that can be played with a simple command. Enjoy entertaining in your kitchen with temperature control, mood lighting, and even the ability to increase the amount of ice your freezer makes, so you never run out of cold drinks.

Improve Your Energy Use

Running appliances takes a great deal of electricity and is one of the main draws for your home's power consumption. A smart kitchen can help you better manage your energy use, lowering your monthly utility bills. With many smart systems, including Control4, it is possible to have a monthly energy report. This report will allow you to pinpoint precisely where you are using energy and further allows you to better plan to lower your energy usage month to month. Further, some smart oven designs will send you a notification when your area's energy use is exceptionally high. Postponing your meal for just a short amount of time to take advantage of off-peak energy usage can help save money.

Improve Your Appliance Performance

A smart kitchen is all about making your life easier, allowing technology and automation to handle simple tasks. With a smart kitchen, you can even improve your appliance's performance. Many smart refrigerators can set the temperature to accommodate what groceries are inside, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing food waste. Plus, if something ever goes wrong with your appliance, your smart refrigerator or smart oven can help. Many brands, such as Sub-Zero/Wolf, create a readout of the issue or problem so that a service technician can tap into the smart programming, diagnosing and repairing the problem quickly.

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