Discover The Unique Benefits You'll Receive When You Automate Your Home With CONTROL4

Control4 The Ultimate Choice

If you are interested in taking advantage of everything that's smart home technology has to offer, then you may want to learn more about the Control4 system. Control4 is a system you can use to take advantage of smart home automation. If you would like to expand your smart technology devices and streamline your daily operations, learn more about the Control4 below!

Numerous Integration Options Available

Thanks to advances that have taken place and smart home automation technology, the Control4 system requires next to know programming and engineering in order for you to integrate all of your applications in one place. For example, you might be able to control your surround sound system, your smart lighting switch, your smart kitchen (including your smart oven), and even your smart blinds all in the same place. 

Even if you are new to the world of smart home automation technology, the Control4 system is a great way to gradually increase your integration over time. For example, you may want to start with your motorized blinds or motorized shades first. Then, as you get more used to your home automation system, you can explore options related to your home theatre systems, including your home theatre seating, before you expand to your remote light controls.

That is another major advantage of the Control4 home automation system. The flexibility, scalability, and control you have over your favorite smart products, including your blinds smart, is unmatched. 

A Centralized Interface for Complete Control

Another major advantage of the Control4 system is the centralized control it provides. Instead of having to worry about multiple applications to control a wide variety of products and devices, you have a single interface within which you can control all of your devices across all rooms. This includes your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and even your home theater. For example, you can easily adjust your motorized blinds in the dining room before dinner even if you are not physically present. Then, if you would like to get a movie ready to go after dinner, you can do this with the touch of a button as well. 

Complete Automation Functions

Thanks to the streamlined operations of the Control4 system, you can customize the automation of your smart home technology. Because all of your devices are controlled by a single system, you can personalize automation sequences with the touch of a button. With a single touch, you can cause your bedroom shade to roll up, increase the temperature in your house, and put on your favorite radio station. You can even label these commands as “wake up” or “morning routine.” Then, you can set the entire sequence for a specific time from your Control4 app. The control provided by the Control4 system is unparalleled.

Take Advantage of the Control4 System in Your Home

If you would like to take advantage of everything of the Control4 System has to offer, then you should partner with trained professionals from Select Home Automation. With advanced home automation systems, such as the Control4 System, you can control everything from your smart lighting to your motorized blinds. Contact us today!

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