How To Create a Home Theater in Your Living Room

home theatre

It used to be that you needed to go to a movie theater to experience the full-and-immersive sound and video quality. With technological advancement, it’s now possible to install an amazing home theatre experience in your living room.  

Upgrade your home entertainment system with a flexible design to experience the home theater setup for yourself. Determine the best solution for your display/projector, lighting, and audio setup to create an effective and immersive home theater experience in your living room.  

Decide Which Quality Display or Projector Setup You Need 

You’ve got lots of high-quality, 8K or 4K, flat-screen displays to choose from in Samsung, LG, and Sony models, with sizes ranging from 55” to upwards of 85”. It’s a matter of determining what size you need, with the functionality and space requirements for your living room space.  

You also have the option of integrating a projector and screen in the ~100” range for your living room, but you will need to determine if the lighting and space factors will sync with your space. The display solution you pick will determine the requirements for lighting and sound.  

Mount Your Lighting Solution 

Lighting is an important consideration for your entire home automation system, but it’s particularly essential for your home theater solution in your living room. Consider how and where you’ll mount your overhead lights and fixtures, as well as where your table lamps and other accent lighting will be placed.  

For the best cinematic experience, consider how to create blackout conditions with motorized shades and other remote-control lighting solutions. Your lighting solution will be closely linked to the other decisions you make for your display or projection system, as well as audio solutions.  

Install Your Dedicated Sound System 

A dedicated sound system is really what takes your simple TV and makes it into an immersive experience. Add speakers or a sound bar as part of a surround sound system in your living room. A Dolby Atmos-enabled system can include speakers that are integrated into your ceiling and walls.  

Your dedicated audio system doesn’t have to be complicated to give you the sound-quality boost that will dramatically improve your home theater performance. It’s a simple yet effective way to create an immersive home theater solution.  

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Select Home Automation supports the design, installation, and optimization of your home theater setup for your smart home. Our services include advanced technological solutions that are perfect for your entertainment and budgetary needs. Call Select Home Automation to learn more about how we can help you determine the best solutions for your home entertainment requirements.  

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